Well, here it is.. the "What's New" page. Here's where you'll find some late breaking information about what's going on with Simple Jim. Also, there are some people who have trouble seeing the scrolling news box so some of that information will be repeated here. Also, I (Bill) may occasionally use this page just to spout off about nothing in particular. So, let's get ready to rumble........

Catching up on the pics...more coming soon.

I hope you like our new opening page at www.simplejim.com . I've been
playing around with Flash animations. You'll need Flash to view it so if
you need a copy, CLICK HERE to install it.

I've posted our entire first CD on the "Sounds" page in MP3 format for your
downloading and CD burning pleasure. 

I've posted an MP3 of "Laqueeda" for everyone who's been asking. I've also
re-arranged things on the "Sounds" page a bit, putting everything other than our
CDs under "miscellaneous".

If you didn't get a chance to hear us get played on KC101, head on over to the
"Sounds" page. There's a little bit of static but you'll get the idea.

Click HERE to check out the Simple Jim version of "Wassup.."

Click HERE to see the dangers of drinking and ....walking?

Check out the newest version of the Simple Jim "cartoon". All the credit goes to
Chris. Click HERE to view.

For an amusing history lesson about Simple Jim, CLICK HERE